Meet the Team

Taffy OsborneTaffy Osborne
Managing Director
Taffy is our MD. A keen sailor from a young age, he enjoys teaching and getting out when he can. He can mostly be seen talking about watersports, in the office and driving the tractor. Apparently he once went windsurfing, nobody believes him.
Mark Treleaven-JonesMark Treleaven-Jones
Head of Powerboating
Mark is one of the best powerboat instructors at the centre. After retiring from a career in the police he now dedicates himself to watersports. A lover of paddle sport he also helps us run some of our big events like the Colwyn Bay Blast.
Owen RobertsOwen Roberts
Head of Windsurfing
Owen is one of our most experienced instructors at the centre. A senior instructor, he is also able to run the centre in the duty senior role. Owen is also our Team15 instructor and runs Windsurf Wednesday night during the summer.
Adam WynneAdam Wynne
Head of Sailing
Adam is the newest senior instructor on the team. A lover of sailing and windsurfing and an ex-Neilson watersports instructor we are lucky to have him at the centre.
Kai DaviesKai Davies
Kai is one of the most regular volunteers we have. He loves being on reception and literally wrote the book on running the beach hut. Kai loves everything environmental so has taken on the role of Sustainability Officer.
Leo WilliamsLeo Williams
Leo is our Bosun and can fix absolutely everything from windsurf boards to engines and even the tractor. Now working for us, he's previously been a yacht engineer working for Sunsail in Greece, having studied marine engineering at Coleg Llandrillo.
Luke JonesLuke Jones
Luke is one of our most valued, hardworking and regular volunters. If it's broken he can probably fix it. He's often found helping Leo to keep our kit in top condition and is a keen kayaker when he gets the chance to go out on the water.
Jack LeachJack Leach
Jack is a dedicated volunteer who comes down when he can. He is an assistant sailing and windsurfing instructor. Jack is an experienced volunteer but is also one of our youngest. We expect big things once he's old enough to pass his instructor courses.
Anna LloydAnna Lloyd
Dinghy Instructor
Anna is a sailing and windsurfing instructor who loves what she does. She is the team's "fashion detective." Anna loves to work with children and loves running our seasonal beach club.
Phil HigtonPhil Higton
Phil is a dedicated volunteer who loves watersports. Phil is training to becoming a windsurfing instructor so that he can share his skills with others. Phil is a handy sailor and you'll see him helping others to get on the water when he can.
Mark PriestleyMark Priestley
"Buisiness Mark" is our finance and development expert, joining the team from a background in commercial banking. He would love to be allowed on the water, but we don't let him out the office due to his important work planning the future of CBW.
Laura TitheridgeLaura Titheridge
Laura is currently at Birmingham university, helping us out when she can. She is an amazing photographer, windsurfing and sailing instructor and an experienced member of the team.
Kayla SimpsonKayla Simpson
Kayla is an experienced volunteer on land and on the water. Kayla is part of the reception team and loves running hire during the summer and is looking on to do her sailing instructors this year.
Chris BurrowsChris Burrows
Powerboat Instructor
Chris is one of our powerboat instructors and likes to get involved with everything. Chris is also our main man with electricity and plumbing. Chris has links with the Blind Veterans so gives us tips on disability sailing.
Tom WarburtonTom Warburton
Watersports Instructor
Tom is currently working in the Merchant Navy on cruise ships around the world. Tom is a very experienced sailing and powerboat instructor.
Gary FernandezGary Fernandez
Gary is ex policeman and was our keenest customer before enjoying himself so much that he is now one of our sailing instructors and enjoys teaching others the skills he has learnt. Gary is currently also doing a course on marine engineering at Llandrillo.
Angus SmithAngus Smith
Dinghy Instructor
Angus is a great dinghy instructor. Seen less frequently off season at Colwyn Bay now that he is also a university student studying architecture. He is also working towards his powerboat instructor qualification.
Matt WoodMatt Wood
Matt is an assistant sailing instructor and absolutely loves volunteering for us. Matt enjoys whizzing around on our powerboats whenever he can.
Matt MillbandMatt Millband
Matt is a very keen windsurfer who is part of Team15 and has started volunteering with us. As an assistant windsurfing instructor he enjoys helping other instructors teach sessions, and is going to be another cracking instructor when the time comes.
Scott WhartonScott Wharton
Scott is a volunteer who loves getting wet more than anyone else we know. Scott is a hard working and respected member of the volunteer team who will smash anything he is asked.
Tom SellarsTom Sellars
Windsurf Instructor
Tom is one of our new start windsurfing instructors. He has been volunteering at the centre for the last 4 years and he is currently doing an Outdoor Adventure Level 3 Course.
Louise WeisLouise Weis
Louise is a keen windsurfer and sailor that is new to volunteering, she loves helping others to achieve success.
John BakerJohn Baker
Safeguarding And Welfare Officer
John is a much respected member of the volunteer team. He is a keen sailor and loves watersports. He's hoping to do more and more on the water now he has retired. John's main role in the centre is our Child Protection Officer.
Mike RobertsMike Roberts
Mike is a sailing instructor and comes from a dynasty of sailing instructors round the corner with our friends from Llandudno sailing club. He's growing as a person though - he's now discovered windsurfing and is working towards his instructor ticket.
George WeisGeorge Weis
George is a very keen sailor who started volunteering here after doing sessions with a local school. George wants to improve his skills to become a sailing instructor.
Josh CookJosh Cook
Josh is a rugged mountain man who loves being a watersports instructor and you will be sure to see him on the water when he can get out there. Josh is also an ace welder and our landrover expert and loves building trailers for our boats.
Gerry BallGerry Ball
Windsurf Trainer
Gerry is one of the RYA's elite windsurf trainers. What he doesn't know about windsurfing isn't worth knowing. Heavily involved with the Carsington water centre, Gerry can be found helping us out with windsurfing instructor courses at Easter times.
Candace FlatleyCandace Flatley
Candace is a student at Bangor university studying zoology and conservation. She has learnt to windsurf here through the university's windsurfing club and is hoping to complete her windsurfing instructor this season.
Sami PooleSami Poole
Windsurfing Coach
Sami is our former chief instructor who now works as a freelance windsurfing trainer, living and breathing RYA tuition and getting on the water. You will see him back in Colwyn Bay to teach windsurfing instructor courses.
Jane PaddisonJane Paddison
Windsurfing Instuctor
Jane is a top intermediate windsurfing instructor, who is also president of the student windsurfing association. According to her, she is also our best female tractor driver who "loves" towing the trailers.
Joe StreetJoe Street
Joe is a very helpful volunteer who is experienced in the running of hire and operational issues. Joe is hoping to become a water sports instructor in the future.
Sam SaundersSam Saunders
Sam is a keen windsurfer who learnt to windsurf with Team15 and has now started to develop his skills to become a windsurf instructor. He was runner up for the Conwy's young sportsperson of the year award due to windsurfing competatively around the UK.
Ste JonesSte Jones
Ste is know as "the machine" on the beach because he never stops. He is currently helping us out between training to be a fireman.
Laura PhillipsLaura Phillips
Dinghy Instructor
"Philly" came to us as a fully qualified sailing and racing instructor from Anglesey. She's now at university in Plymouth, but you will see her on the water with us throughout the summer.
Luke SmithLuke Smith
Luke has quite a lot of paddlesport and started with us on a work experience placement looking to get out even more, and learn to better sail and windsurf.
Petra CareyPetra Carey
Petra has dabbled in sailing, windsurfing, and kayaking and joined us for work experience off her Level 2 outdoor course at Coleg Llandrillo to get more chance to be around a centre and get on the water.
Niko BugelliNiko Bugelli
Niko is the president of Liverpool University windsurfing club. He helps us out when he can as he loves getting new people into the sport.
Alex HopkinsAlex Hopkins
Alex learnt to windsurf with our Team15 and is a great windsurfer who loves the sport. Alex loves getting on the water when he can and has become an assistant instructor to help others discover the sport he loves.
Wendy McGeeWendy McGee
Wendy joined us in 2015 and is both handy in the workshop having completed a marine engineering course, and hard working on the beach and the water.
Eve ButlerEve Butler
Eve is friends with Kayla who suggested she should volunteer with us. She is hoping to learn to sail and windsurf through volunteering for us.
Sam KellettSam Kellett
Powerboat Instructor
Sam is a top powerboat instructor who spends the hottest part of the summer in Vermont teaching sailing at summer camps in America. Watch out for his weak chat about the quality of American seasons.
Ffion FilzekFfion Filzek
Ffion has learnt to sail in bits and bobs all over, and is a "sick" kayaker. She has started volunteering for Colwyn Bay Watersports and is hoping to learn the one true sport of windsurfing.
Gwyn WilliamsGwyn Williams
Gwyn learnt to sail between here and up the road at Plas Menai, and has been joining us for weekend warmup. He is volunteering for us this season looking to get better at sailing, windsurfing, and powerboating.
Andrea DammsAndrea Damms
Andrea came across Colwyn Bay Watersports through our friends in Venture Outdoors group. She always wants to give everything a go and is learning to be a great powerboat driver. Childhood dream - driving our tractor.
Jake EvansJake Evans
Jake is a keen paddle sports instructor who has recently joined the team. He loves running beach club and you'll probably see him with a string of young people in tow.
Charles HughesCharles Hughes
Charlotte has joined us this year as part of the work experience programme for outdoor instructors on the level two course at Coleg Llandrillo. She has done some paddlesport before and is looking to broaden her experience on the water by volunteering.
Dan EvansDan Evans
Dan is a local fitness instructor from Colwyn Bay. He is always keen to come down and help where he can. Dan is soon leaving us to go to Australia and is exited about getting some watersports experience under his belt.
Zed Spencer-MilnesZed Spencer-Milnes
Windsurfing Instructor
Zed is our youngest windsurfing instructor. Despite this he runs race training for our Team 15 (Youth Windsurfing Club) and he is our most skilled IT person that can fix absolutely anything wrong with our systems or computers.
Lloyd RobertsLloyd Roberts
Dinghy Instructor
Lloyd is a sailing instructor from Chester sailing club. He loves teaching sailing and hopes he can develop his skills to become a windsurfing or powerboat instructor.
Andy SaundersAndy Saunders
Andy is Sam's dad and has grown to understand life on the beach late on as a member of our volunteer team. By day he is an IT wizard for Conwy Council.
Colin McMellonColin McMellon
Colin learnt to sail as a teenager before his wife brought him a voucher for a Level 2 sailing course at Colwyn Bay Watersports, which has rekindled his love of sailing, and he is now working towards his dinghy instructor qualification.
Will RushforthWill Rushforth
Will is a valued member of the team and the target of all banter ever. Also working for Plas Menai, he loves the job so much he has recently gone from being a just a dinghy instructor to collecting most instructor tickets that exist over the last year.
James BattyeJames Battye
Windsurf Instructor
James spends most of his summer teaching up the road at Plas Menai, and is a ridiculously fast windsurfer. The man to talk to if you want to go faster on a board.
Jake Baylis-NashJake Baylis-Nash
Jacob is the newest member of the volunteer team who loves watersports and hopes to learn new skills.
Staff PhotoOllie Gibson
Ollie is a volunteer on the team who loves sailing, like his whole family. He started volunteering here after doing school sessions with his local school.