Bangor Uni Aussie Kiss Wetsuit Hire

Want to hire an amazing top of the range wetsuit? You’ve come to a place for not that.

But I can do the centre wetsuits super cheap (just £5) to keep you warm at Aussie Kiss.

Just enter your size below and I’ll make sure it’s at AK for you. Pinkie promise. Just make sure you give it back to me on the Sunday before you leave the lake.

Bangor University AK Wetsuit Hire
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1Mens S£0.00
2Mens MS£0.00
3Mens MT£0.00
4Mens ML£0.00
5Mens LS£0.00
6Mens L£0.00
7Mens XL£0.00
8Mens XXL£0.00
9Ladies 8£0.00
10Ladies 10£0.00
11Ladies 12£0.00
12Ladies 12-14£0.00
13Ladies 14£0.00
14Ladies 16£0.00
15Ladies 18£0.00
Shipping Rate: F
Order Bangor University AK Wetsuit Hire Wetsuit @ £5.00