Liverpool/Manchester/Bangor University Bootcamp

Can’t wait for Aussie Kiss? Have you ever windsurfed before? Tried it once, twice? Here at Colwyn Bay Watersports in conjunction with your amazing clubs, we are giving you the perfect opportunity to get to a solid level with your windsurfing. We’ll be running the 16 hour RYA Start Windsurfing course just for you on the 24th – 25th October. Check out the video to see what that involves.

Alternatively, if you’ve already conquered Start Windsurfing or equivalent (you are getting upwind on beginner kit – speak to James at Liverpool, Shaun at Manchester, or Ewan at Bangor if you are unsure) then there is an intermediate non planing course available, which will get you to the next step and introduce you to the harness, smaller kit, and sailing without a dagger board. This is also the prerequisite for your instructor course – also available here in the Spring.

Not only is it a great chance to work on your windsurfing, because your clubs are providing the instructors, it is also unbelievably cheap. For the bargain basement price of just £30 you get professional level RYA tuition commercially worth £150, not including the luxury* accommodation we’ll also include.

*If you define luxury as the floor of a static caravan** in the Welsh hills.
** Includes real flushing toilet and hairy Welsh instructor as standard.

Windsurfing Bootcamp
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1RYA Start Windsurfing£30.002
2RYA Intermediate Non-Planing£30.000
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