Eventful few Days!

The last few days have been very eventful. We are now holding regular taster sessions, and will be starting courses soon too! If you fancy giving sailing or windsurfing a try then send us an email and we’ll get back to you with a list of taster/course dates.

The New RIB from Menai Marine Arrived! We are extremely happy with it, and are about to order another!

IMG_3739-2 IMG_3736-2


Also we had to provide a bit of a recovery service to some poor fishermen who got their car stuck. They launched their RIB bright and early in the morning, before any of us where at work. We arrived in to see the top of the roof of their car poking out of the water. By this stage is was too late as the tide was still coming in at a fierce rate. By lunchtime the high tide had covered the boat in around 6m of water.

As the tide eased again, spectators gathered to watch the recovery effort. Slowly the water revealed the car again and the process of pulling the car out could begin. We managed to get a few pics for your enjoyment. (Incidentally we do offer a £10 weekday launch using our tractor to avoid this kind of thing!)

IMG_3801 IMG_3907 IMG_3871 IMG_3865 IMG_3862 IMG_3857 IMG_3848 IMG_3844 IMG_3843 IMG_3840 IMG_3825 IMG_3822 IMG_3809 IMG_3804