Group Activities

CanoeingCanoeing Canoeing or open boating is an activity that is great for teamworking and comminication, as well as being great fun. Normally it takes place in pairs with the instructor in another canoe.
KayakingKayaking We use sit-on-top kayaks, which are great fun, easy to use, and much safer than closed cockpit kayaks as you can't get stuck inside if they flip over. Kayaking is a brilliant way to quickly get on the water developing skills and playing games.
Multi ActivityMulti Activity We will use our best judgement based on the age, size, weather, and previous experience of the group to provide the activity which we think will be the most fun! All we can say for sure is they will be safe, get wet and have a great time.
Multihull SailingMultihull Sailing Multihull Sailing is a great introduction to sailing in fast boats with two hulls. Whether you have sailed before or not this is one of the most fun activities availiable at Colwyn Bay Watersports.
PowerboatingPowerboating Powerboating is really fast, epic fun, and really accessible. It is delivered to group of three at a time as the instructor is in the boat at all times. It's also especially awesome when we are working with groups with reduced mobility.
Raft BuildingRaft Building This is an ideal activity for groups - it requires creativity, initiative and teamwork, the activity focuses on group dynamics, communication skills and leadership. Barrels, planks, ropes and water are a recipe for a thorough soaking and great fun.
SailingSailing Sailing is a fantastic activity for groups. We run sailing in a range of different ways depending on conditions, either in larger boats with the instructors, or with students independent in their boats with the instructors in powerboats nearby.
WindsurfingWindsurfing Windsurfing is a challenging individual sport and is one of our most popular activities. With groups only a very short introduction is required before students are getting wet and having an awesome time.