Instructor Courses

Windsurfing start and intermediate instructor and professional training courses here in Colwyn Bay, run with the support and cooperation of the Student Windsurfing Association, but open to all.

Impressing a member of the opposite sex with your occupation? The way it works is 1) Astronaut 2) Fighter Pilot 3) Windsurfing instructor. In association with the SWA we will be running three start and one intermediate windsurfing instructor courses here at our brand new centre in Colwyn Bay, North Wales. Time to get involved.

2014 in pictures (5 of 9)For start instructors, if you are able to beach start, fast-tack, gybe, are beginning to get in the harness, and can sail upwind without a dagger board then you are at the sailing standard required to get your instructor ticket. You will also need your powerboat level 2, and one of the first aid qualifications accepted by the centre you hope to teach for (to be sure of this – get RYA First Aid) If you want your windsurfing instructor ticket to be coastal, the other qualifications will also need to be coastal.

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For students, this not only allows you to give something back to your windsurfing club through developing your beginners in a structured and competent way, but means you are hot property for seasonal summer jobs. Demand for peak season windsurfing instructors in the Mediterranean could not be greater, and at the moment we are talking to Mark Warner about guaranteeing interviews for students who have come through Colwyn Bay – there is talk of them coming up to interview in Colwyn Bay during the courses. Last Easter we had two students on the plane within a week of their course.

If you are already booked on a course, the pre course information for start and intermediate instructors including details of the materiel you will need to prepare will be sent out on booking, or click the links. Please ensure you thoroughly read all of the pre course information.

Upcoming courses….

There are no more course dates for this season. Please enquire for the season ahead as we do add courses based on demand.
Start Instructor Package For the amazing price of £500 you can complete all the prerequisites for the course in the four days leading up to your instructor course, along with the instructor course itself.

Please get in touch by phone or email to book your place. Call 01492 437177 asking for Taffy or email [email protected] For details of RYA Powerboat Level 2 courses and RYA First Aid courses please get in touch. We can also help out converting inland PB2’s or intermediate windsurfing tickets into coastal qualifications. If you are coming as part of a Student Windsurfing Association club then please contact your president before paying as we are often arranging payment through your club. If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to call us.