Windsurfing Skills Day

Get the basic skills you’ll need nailed ahead of the instructor course.

At Colwyn Bay Watersports we now have quite a lot of experience running windsurfing instructor courses. The feedback we consistently get is that although sailing ability varies from just below passing to far better than required, the instructor candidates we are putting through tend to be pretty weak on theory and general windsurfing knowledge.

Make sure you are ready to pass your instructor course comfortably.

With that in mind we have created a day with the objective of ensuring students are prepared for their start windsurfing instructor course. We get excellent feedback from this both from the instructor candidates and our coaches who actually run the instructor courses, and it has a proven track record of improving the pass rate. For just £35 or included in the £500 start instructor package this is a really good value day with an experienced windsurfing instructor. If you aren’t totally confident of everything on the pre course questionnaire then this is for you.