Custom Trailer Builds

Raft build trailerHere at Colwyn Bay Watersports we work very hard in the summer, but have much less to do from November to March. We decided we needed to put our watersports knowledge and engineering ski16ll to use and we started Spot Custom Trailers – an we now make custom watersports trailers to order.

Bored of the hassle getting all your kit you to that event or river or beach? Want a trailer that will perfectly fit everything you need to carry? Look no further, we love solving your logistical problems.

12We’ll work with you on the design, then put our practical know how from years of fixing boats all over the world to get it built exactly as you need.

Please call us on 01492 437 177 or email [email protected] with your requirements 20151104_122826and we’ll get you an estimate to suit your budget. Please note that these are seasonal – if you can wait until the winter we can do it much cheaper for you. Whether it’s a kayak trailer, canoe trailer, windsurf trailer, stacking dinghy trolley, or something more specialized, we can help you to make it happen.