Windsurf Board Repair

Have you got down to the beach and seen a hole in your board?

Ding stick is not the answer – any water you let in is going to make the eventual repair harder and harder. Keeping our fleet of 19 hard working windsurfing boards on the water requires constant maintenance and repairs. We can offer that same service to you. We can repair your board for you and get you back out on the water looking good as new! Our highly trained staff can fix nearly anything! As a windsurfing centre, as well as fixing your board, we are always able to offer advice and training as we love talking about windsurfing.

If you want a quote on board repair just drop in at the centre with some pictures to chat to an instructor, give us a ring on 01492 437 177, or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to getting you back out on the water!