Sailing Private Tuition

IMG_2262Whether you are just getting started and want a more one to one style or tuition, or you are trying to break some bad habits, one to one tuition is a great way to learn whatever you want on your own schedule.

We can offer a huge variety of tuition from learning to tack up to roll tacks, racing starts, and much more.

IMG_2224We have a number of staff all specialising in different areas from Multihull specialists to high end race coaches.

Private Lessons Menu: 

Although we can offer a lot more, here is a list of some ideas for private lessons.

Joy Rides: A chance to get out with an instructor for a bit of a blast in your choice of boat. When the wind is up this is a great chance for you to observe and learn some skills or just have a bit of a fast ride.

IMG_0711Multihull Blast: The multihulls can be a bit of a handful in more wind, but when controlled properly they are a very thrilling, fast and wet ride. Our instructors are able to take you out and get the best out of the conditions in our fleet of brand new catamarans.

Direct Assessments: For any course that we run here, we can do a direct assessment, so if you have the skills but don’t have the certificate then we can assess you to see if you make the grade.


Coastal Endorsements: If you have a certificate for an inland qualification but want it upgrading to a coastal we can sign you off for any of the courses that we run here.

Private Full Course: We can run a private course just for you if you feel that you might want a bit more one to one time with the instructor. You can choose from any of the RYA courses that we can run here.

Family Sailing: Sometimes it’s nice to just go for a bit of an explore along the coast, and we can sail up to 3 miles along the coast with you. With an instructor on board they can take you to all the best spots like the Little Orme to see some of the local wildlife including dolphins, seals, porpoises, Manx Shearwaters and much more.


Roll Tacking: Racing in light to moderate wind is all about having every possible tool up your sleeve. Roll tacks are a formidable addition to your sailing armory. We’ll make an assessment of your ability, polish your existing tacking, and then add the extra dimension to it all, creating a good platform for roll tacking technique.

Roll Gybing: Roll gybes are a step further along the performance racing path, and when executed well can really turbocharge your downwind sailing. We’ll assess your gybing skills and set you up with good technique so that when the roll is added you can reap the rewards of this sometimes frustrating skill.

Refresher Session: Used to sail years ago? Not been in a boat for a while and just want an experienced pair of hands at the ready to rid you of any bad habits and assist with the tricky bits. Our instructors are well versed at helping you to get back on the water.

Yachting Conversion: We all know that dinghy sailors make the best yacht sailors, so if you want to put your yachting into the next gear, or just learn some skills to fill you with confidence on your coastal cruising adventures we can help.

Race Tactics: A lot of our staff have cut their teeth in racing, and are always keen to pass on their knowledge. Whether it be team or match racing with Duncan, Multihull racing with Sami, starts, mark rounding, racing in tides, or anything else that you can think of we can run it.

Seamanship Skills: Man overboard drills, picking up moorings, coming alongside, lee shore landings and other similar techniques are a great way to practice and fine tune your boat handling skills, and are far easier to perfect under the watchful eye of an instructor.

RYA Sailing Courses

Tidal/Coastal Sailing: Sailing on the sea for the first time can be a daunting experience and with less safety nets around the consequences of mistakes can be that much more serious. With an instructor at hand they can run you through the pitfalls and best practice of coastal sailing, and teach you the necessary skills to give you confidence to tackle the challenges that you might face at sea.

Trapezeing: Your first go at trapezeing can be a bit of a shaky experience and could be off-putting if it doesn’t go too well. Poor technique can lead to a painful endurance, and potentially injury. We love to teach it from the stable platform of a catamaran, teaching you stable and dynamic position that will help you to get out on the wire and stay out.


Spinnakers: We can teach you the hoists, drops, ins and outs or sailing a boat with asymmetric spinnakers. We have a few boats with spinnakers so can teach you from any of our fleet.