Windsurfing Private Tuition

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPrivate lessons can be booked any time and offer a great opportunity to have a bit more time focussed on your skills and development. From beginner skills through to professional coaching we have highly qualified staff available to help you get the most out of your windsurfing. As it’s private we can also be very flexible in terms of time which means you can fit it in whenever suits you, or just wait for the perfect forecast.

To give you an idea of what we can offer we’ve put together a menu of things that you might like to consider.

Private taster sessions: If you would like to have a taster session just for you. You can even bring along a friend. Having your own instructor will mean that you can get through a lot more in the session meaning that you are very likely to progress faster. It’s not uncommon for students to be sailing around comfortably within a 3 hour session.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Direct assessment: Need your windsurfing certificate signing off? Sometimes people come to us who need a certificate for entry on to their instructor course or for various other reasons.

Foot-straps & Harness: An intermediate windsurfing classic. Learn the skills required to get you in the harness and foot-straps which will unlock a whole new world of speed and control.

Improved Blasting Control: Get more comfortable on your kit. Stance can make the difference between screaming around and having a mare of a session. Channelling the energy of the wind efficiently from the sail through your body is the aim of the game. Tense muscles make blasting hard work, so we work to make you adopt a comfortable and relaxed stance that will allow you to channel the rig’s forces more efficiently which will also make you faster.

DSC_0198Beach Starts: An essential skill for those looking at going windsurfing when it gets a bit windier. Beach starts are the best way of leaving the shore, allowing you to elegantly step straight onto your kit and into the sailing position.

Water Starts: The next step after beach starts are water starts. Generally if your beach starting technique is good then getting to grips with the water start is easy. This opens up a new world of smaller boards and more wind.

Improved Tacks: Improving your tacks is a key part of advancing your windsurfing. Whether you are moving from static turns to fast tacks, or fast tacks to carve tacks, the skills you learn will help with other moves.

Self Coaching: For those looking to get the most out of their windsurfing we have a self coaching clinic. Learning to break down a move and the skills involved will allow you to choose exercises that will help you move closer to nailing those carve gybes, forward loops or any other move you might want to learn. This will help you to get the most out of your sailing time, and allow you to train for high wind moves in not ideal conditions.DSC_0191

Planing Carve Gybes:  This is THE move that a lot of windsurfers aspire to. We can help you through the whole learning process or help you to diagnose any issues you have if you have been struggling with it.

Rigging and Kit Selection: We often get asked questions like “is this rigged right?” I’d say that rigging is THE biggest hinderance to most windsurfers with their own kit in the UK. Learning how to rig your kit properly and select the right kit for the conditions will mean that every session you have is more productive.

Bump and Jump: Getting off the surface of the water and into the air adds that third dimension that a lot of people are looking for. Not for everyone but it is the first skill needed if you are hoping to get into modern freestyle.

Rust Remover: Has it been a while? We have been amazed at the number of people who “used to windsurf back in the day” and are keen to get involved again. We are well set up, having safety cover for when you try your kit that has been in the garage for years. Alternatively you can use our kit and get an intro to modern kit and developments. Often you’ll start off extremely wobbly and with a few tips from our instructors and coaches, be jumping onto smaller boards and bigger sails within the first session.

Video Coaching: Often seeing yourself falling in is quite funny, however with help from a coach you’ll be able to break down what it was that went wrong and therefore what to focus on. We often include video coaching as part of other sessions.

Racing Skills: Racing on the sea is a very different discipline. The swell and more stable wind are very demanding on your skills. We have an in house racing coach (who runs the North Wales Zone Squad) who is well versed in all aspects of race training.