Youth Windsurfing

rya-powerboat-level-2-and-windsurfing-converter-day-1-of-61RYA Youth Stage 1 (£120) – Getting you on the water and turning, steering, and generally having a good time with a few fun challenges thrown in as well.


 RYA Youth Stage 2 (£120) – Building on the stage one skills to fine tune what we have learned, making those tacks and gybes slicker and improving speed.

Courses for 2015: RYA Youth Windsurfing S1/S2:  May 9th; July 11th; August 29th.

Youth Windsurfing North Wales


RYA Youth Stage 3 (£120) – This course gets you looking at the skills required for stronger winds, including harnesses and stance to make everything faster and more exciting.


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Windsurfing Course