Our Kit

Venture RacingWith thanks to Sport Wales, Cyfenter, and the Coastal Communities fund, we have an amazing range of great equipment here at Colwyn Bay Watersports. Here is a list of the kit we use the most. 



10983855_628300200603536_3099973056120889110_nMassey Ferguson 135 OnBoard Sailing Club

6 Hartley H12s (With 12.2 Rigs as opti

3 RS Ventures

3 RS Cat 16s

Windsurfing Kit

14 Sets of Beginner Windsurfing Kit

6 Intermediate Windsurfing SetupsPowerboats

4 Powerboats

8 Single Sit on top Kayaks

Canoe Polo6 Double Sit on top Kayaks

6 Canadian Style CanoesBeach hut

Beach Hut on Wheels


Plus a comprehensive range of Wetsuits, Buoyancy Aids and Waterproofs.