The Tractor

IMG_0750IMG_0692The tractor plays a pivotal role in the running of the centre every day. Launching powerboats, fetching boats to and fro the low tide mark. It is fair to say that without Ironhide (as we have called it) life would be much more difficult.

Ironhide is a Massey Ferguson 135 Built in the 1960s, which has been lent to us kindly by Mr and Mrs Osborne, local farmers, and parents of Taffy.

We did actually get the tractor stuck in the soft sand on an incoming tide in March 2015 which caused the tractor to be submerged for quite some time. It was later recovered and restored to it’s former glory, with some commenting that it works better than ever.

Since then we’ve made further modifications adding a second set of wheels to the back axle, and purchasing sand ladders to help us escape the soft sand.