Health and Safety Policy

It is the policy of Colwyn Bay Watersports to operate in such a way as to provide, as far as is reasonably practicable, a safe and healthy working environment for all of its employees, students and customers and others that may be affected by its activities.

In doing so Colwyn Bay Watersports will have regard to the relevant statutory provisions of Safety and Health legislation and recognises its general responsibility to provide and maintain the following insofar as they may be under its control:

  • Safe plant, equipment and systems of work
  • Safe arrangements for the use, handling, storage and transport of articles and substances
  • Sufficient information, training, instruction and supervision to enable all employees to avoid hazards and contribute positively to the Safety and Health standards at their place of work.

Colwyn Bay Watersports’ objective is to promote a safety culture, which involves the Directors, and all members of staff and volunteers with commitment and active co-operation for the achievement of continual improvement of safety standards. This includes the aim to ensure that all service providers used are safety conscious and comply with this policy.

Colwyn Bay Watersports recognises the need to assess the risks that its activities present and, to avoid or eliminate them and if that is not possible to minimise and control them with provision of the necessary resources.

Colwyn Bay Watersports considers that Safety and Health are a fundamental part of management responsibilities and expects it’s directors, managers, staff and volunteers to devise, implement and promote the highest standards, within available resources, of health, safety and welfare, for its students, customers, staff volunteers and visitors.

Colwyn Bay Watersports will bring the safety procedures and the Safety and Health policy to the attention of staff and volunteers and will provide information and guidance as required.

Colwyn Bay Watersports will take such steps, as it deems necessary to provide competent technical advice on Safety and Health matters in order to assist management in performing operations in accordance with this policy and associated guidance.

All Colwyn Bay Watersports employees throughout the company will be made aware that they have Safety and Health responsibilities, and will be expected to fulfil them. All staff and volunteers are required by law to take reasonable care of them and other persons who may be affected by their actions or inactions while at work.

All employees are responsible for reporting accidents involving them, including near misses, to their line managers and for ensuring accident report forms are completed for accidents which are reported to them. All employees are responsible for ensuring they are fit when reporting for duty.  Colwyn Bay Watersports staff and volunteers are required to report any hazards and breaches of safety procedures, which they observe to their line manager.

Colwyn Bay Watersports will investigate accidents as necessary and act upon the information gained in order to prevent recurrence. Colwyn Bay Watersports will inform the Conwy Harbour Master of all water based incidents.

It is the view of Colwyn Bay Watersports that most accidents, which may cause injury to persons and damage property or equipment, can be avoided by the exercise of safe systems of work and reasonable standards of care. Full co-operation between management, employees and third parties can minimise such accidents and good communication and co-operation is required to minimise such accidents and to promote all policy objectives.

Colwyn Bay Watersports will continue to up hold the recommendations and work within the guidelines of the National Governing Bodies, to which we adhere to. It is our policy to run our Waterfronts as safely as possible for both students and customers and Staff and volunteers, our Standard Operation Procedures are based on the guidance notes and recommendations of the RYA, and it is the duty of all employees to follow these Standards.

Full regard will be given to the Safety and Health Policy in matters of future development with the provision of financial support where reasonable and appropriate. Colwyn Bay Watersports will monitor safety performance, revising the policy statement and associated guidance whenever necessary. The Management of Colwyn Bay Watersports fully supports this policy and a serious view will be taken to breaches of its content.

The directors of Colwyn Bay Watersports are ultimately responsible for the implementation of this policy and all health and safety management at Colwyn Bay Watersports. Day to day responsibility rests with the centre Principal (Taffy Osborne.) Responsibility for safe operation on any specific day is delegated to the nominated Duty Senior, as specified in the Colwyn Bay Watersports operating procedures.