Volunteer Policy

  • Colwyn Bay Watersports values the involvement of volunteers in our work because they help reflect the interests, needs and resources of the community we aim to serve and bring a unique perspective on all our work.
    Colwyn Bay Watersports recognises volunteers as a core part of our team, with a distinctive but complementary role alongside paid staff.
  • Insofar as Colwyn Bay Watersports benefits from the skills, experience and enthusiasm of volunteers, we believe that volunteers should be able to gain personal benefits from the experience too. We are committed to managing volunteers in a way that ensures that the needs of both parties are met.
  • Colwyn Bay Watersports strives to create a diverse and inclusive organisation within a diverse and inclusive community. Therefore, we are committed to ensuring equality of access to high quality volunteer opportunities and equality of treatment for our volunteers in all our policies and practices.
  • Colwyn Bay Watersports identifies roles for volunteers which extend the work of the organisation. Volunteers are involved at every level of the organisation in roles which complement, but never substitute, the work of paid staff.
  • Volunteers with Colwyn Bay Watersports are fully protected by the organisation’s public liability and personal accident insurance. However, drivers using their cars in connection with their voluntary work must inform their own insurance company to ensure adequate and continued cover.
  • Colwyn Bay Watersports reimburses volunteers’ out of pocket expenses for travel and dependant care excluding transport costs to and from Colwyn Bay Watersports and eating expenses when onsite. Claims are submitted on a standard Expenses Claim Form and accompanied by proof of expenditure.
  • Colwyn Bay Watersports takes all practical measures to provide adequate and appropriate facilities, equipment and resources to enable volunteers to fulfil their roles.”
    “The Chief Instructor is responsible for the overall management of volunteer involvement, including overseeing the implementation of this policy and dealing with any complaint or grievance relating to volunteers. The volunteer’s designated supervisor provides support and supervision, identifies training requirements, countersigns expenses claims etc. All staff required to undertake such duties are provided with training in the management, supervision, support and training of volunteers.
  • Colwyn Bay Watersports is committed to serving and representing all the people of North Wales and wishes to see all sections of the community represented among our volunteers. Volunteer opportunities are promoted and advertised where possible, and we will endeavour to make recruitment and selection materials available in a format accessible to any individual or group, upon request.
  • Colwyn Bay Watersports implements a fair, effective and open system in the recruitment and selection of volunteers and treats all information collected in this process confidentially. All potential volunteers will go through a recruitment and selection process that is appropriate to the role offered. Colwyn Bay Watersports uses registration forms, references and informal chats / interviews. Additional measures may be implemented depending on the nature of the volunteer role and police records checks are conducted where appropriate. The process is conducted by appropriately briefed/trained staff and aims to allow both parties to give and receive sufficient information to assess whether the volunteer opportunities available match the potential volunteer’s skills, qualities and interests. If unsuccessful, individuals will be offered an opportunity to discuss the outcome and identify possible alternatives within or outside of Colwyn Bay Watersports.
  • Volunteers are provided with a written volunteer agreement, which outlines the expectations and responsibilities of both the volunteer and Colwyn Bay Watersports. For volunteers under 18 years of age this volunteer agreement must also be signed by their parent or legal guardian. This agreement may be reviewed at any time with the consent of the volunteer and his/her supervisor, including during the initial review meeting at the end of the settling in / taster period.
  • All volunteers are provided with an induction within six weeks of commencing their voluntary work. The induction: provides background information on Colwyn Bay Watersports; explains its structures and procedures; describes the volunteer role and the work team and outlines how s/he will be supported, including practical information on e.g. expenses. During the induction period volunteers will be provided with written information on relevant legislation, organisational policies and codes of practice and will be given the opportunity to discuss any of the issues with the Project Manager and/or supervisor.
  • All volunteer placements are subject to a settling in period, the length of which depends on the nature and hours of the voluntary work. During this period volunteers are given additional support and a review meeting between the volunteer and his/her supervisor is held at the end of the settling in period to ensure that all parties are satisfied with the arrangement.
  • All volunteers are allocated a named member of staff as their supervisor (although the Project Manager can also be contacted in case of an emergency or if the designated supervisor is unavailable). This individual can provide day-to-day help and guidance on any issue related to the voluntary work and is responsible for providing regular support to and supervision of, the volunteer. The frequency, duration and format of this support and supervision is agreed between the volunteer and his/her supervisor at the end of the settling in / taster period.
  • Colwyn Bay Watersports is committed to improving the effectiveness of volunteers. Volunteers may choose to attend any in-house training course that they feel is relevant to their voluntary work, subject to the approval of their supervisors and availability of places.
  • Colwyn Bay Watersports aims to reflect the voluntary nature of our relationship with volunteers in all our policies and procedures for managing their involvement. Therefore, the volunteer’s designated supervisor deals with minor complaints or grievances about or by volunteers or their work through the usual support and supervision procedures, in the first instance. However, we recognise our duty to protect the wellbeing and interests of all our stakeholders and therefore operate a formal complaints procedure in the case of more serious complaints. In the case of particularly serious offences, as specified in the Code of Practice, this process may be bypassed and/or the subject of the complaint asked to leave. Where a criminal offence is suspected, the matter will be handed over to the police.
  • Colwyn Bay Watersports recognises the core role that volunteers fulfil at every level of the organisation. It endeavours to communicate with volunteers in appropriate ways. It also recognises the importance of seeking volunteers’ ideas and opinions at regular intervals. Feedback from volunteers is always welcome and any volunteer may make representations for representation and discussion at the centre’s Management Meetings.
  • In order to effectively monitor the work that volunteers do and how they are managed, a personal file is maintained for all volunteers, which includes: contact details and other relevant personal information; details of the application and selection process; agreements made; hours worked; records of support and supervision activities; training undertaken and any complaints or grievances made or received. Some of this information and other relevant information may also be recorded in computerised records. All such information is treated in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998) and subsequent GDPR legislation. Volunteers are entitled to inspect all such information pertaining to their own involvement.
  • Both volunteers and the organisation agree that the intellectual property rights of original work produced by volunteers automatically transfers to the organisation.