Welsh Language Policy

Whilst the working language within Colwyn Bay Watersports is English, as a company registered and based in Wales we commit to providing as many opportunities for Welsh speaking customers to enjoy watersports through the medium of Welsh wherever possible. 

  • It must be noted that with the best intentions in the world, it is not always possible to locate Welsh speaking instructors suitably qualified to instruct the relevant sport within the framework of our operating procedures and national governing body requirements.
  • Colwyn Bay Watersports commits to deliver any tuition in Welsh where possible, meaning there must be sufficient demand to make a course economical to run, and there must be a suitably qualified Welsh speaking instructor available.
  • If a group can provide its own translation when a Colwyn Bay Watersports Welsh speaker is unavailable, our staff will work with that translator to deliver services and instruction safely through the medium of Welsh.
  • Wherever possible Colwyn Bay Watersports will try to recruit looking favorably on candidates who speak Welsh fluently.
  • Colwyn Bay Watersports will support all staff in their efforts to learn Welsh and will subsidize Welsh lessons for any staff who want to begin to learn or to improve their Welsh.
  • When there is sufficient demand for a particular course in Welsh, Colwyn Bay Watersports will try to secure the services of Welsh speaking freelance instructors where no Colwyn Bay Watersports staff are able to speak Welsh to the level required to deliver that tuition.