RYA Powerboat Level 2

The RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course is a fantastic doorway to access watersports in Colwyn Bay. It is a two-day entry level course providing the basic skills, both practically and theoretically, needed to drive a powerboat. Successful completion of the course also allows the holder to apply for the International Certificate of Competence which is the European “driving licence” for powerboats and is required for renting/operating powerboats throughout the rest of Europe.

The course focuses on low speed manoeuvres, close quarters handling,
man overboard recovery, an introduction to driving at planing speeds and an insight into collision regulations and basic navigation (pilotage). Being a coastal centre your certificate will be endorsed accordingly.

The courses are quite intensive, packed full of learning and, hopefully, lots of fun! Our students can regularly be heard screaming like banshees as they power the boats across the bay. There is, of course, a serious side to the course as well with a lot of instruction to take in, be prepared also for some classroom learning. When possible we will try to tailor the course to match your needs and keep the instruction relevant to you.

RIB Training CourseYou should expect to get wet to your waist as a minimum and, in all likelihood, some weather will see you getting a lot wetter. We can provide wetsuits, buoyancy aids and splash tops, but as the boats are open boats with no shelter, the temperature on the water will be a lot lower than on land. With the added cold from the wind chill once we get moving you will definitely also want a coat, hat and gloves that you can wear on the water. We would also suggest you bring footwear that you don’t mind getting wet.

We have access to some excellent facilities in the main Porth Eirias building with hot showers and well equiped changing rooms, so come suitably prepared. Lockers are also provided in the changing rooms requiring a £1 deposit.

Hot and cold food are on sale at the cafe or, alternatively, bring along a pack lunch. If the weather is really nice, and it does happen, we might even stop off in for a hot chocolate, ice cream or picnic, so bring a little money with you.

We will need a passport sized photo for your powerboat level 2 qualification, as you are issued with a photo card certificate in a pack with your handbook.