RYA Dinghy Instructor Provisional Timetable

9.30-10.15 11.00-13.00 2.00 – 4.00 4.30-6.00
Day 1 Crewboat The RYA National scheme and who teaches whatRole and qualities of an instructorThe Method Go sailing!Familiarise candidates with centre and boats Lunch Working through the method afloat Presentation techniquesAllocate presentation topics
Day 2 Crewboat Land drillsCentre main tacking and gybing Progression of sessions using the method Lunch Land drills – aft mainTeaching level 2 skills Adapting the method for single handersBriefings and debriefingAllocate session to runTeaching from a powerboat
Day 3 Single handers 2 presentationsThe youth scheme and the youth pathway

Child protection

Single hander sessions Lunch Single hander sessions Teaching students with disabilitiesTeaching seamanship skills and allocate sessions

Mid course debriefs

Day 4 Seamanship Skills Quiz paper2 presentations Seamanship sessions Lunch Seamanship sessions 2 presentations
Day 5 Moderation Moderation Lunch Moderation Moderation & debriefs