RYA Powerboat Level 2, day 2. Dolphins and seals.

Congratulations to our six newly qualified powerboat drivers, Emma, ‘Tilly, Steve, Jamie, Ankit and Jeremy. An already great day was elevated to the realms of awesomeness by a pod of around 12 dolphins that decided to start frolocking about in the waters around the centres RIB’s, this was immediately after a little seal watching in Angel Bay on the Little Orme. Lots of squeals of delight were to be heard from students and instructors alike!!

The day involved some basic pilotage to Angel Bay on the Little Orme where we did a bit of seal watching.

And being such a nice day, it seemed only fitting to take a little picnic on the beach at Rhos-on-Sea.

Happy faces all round, that’s what we like to see.